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It seems the master of all tricksters has played yet another prank on us all. And truth to be told, it’s an epic one! With BRC 2020 canceled, a tremendous opportunity presents itself to us, a once in a lifetime (we hope) chance to truly fulfil this year’s intended theme: Multiverse, the multiple, neverending amounts of realities of one. And now we can make it become more real than we would have ever imagined.

What better way than to create our HOME AWAY FROM HOME AT HOME. Yes exactly! Let’s create our version of BRC in our home and share the vision of this creation with the world?!!

Is it going to be a statue, painting, sticker, story, video, costume, pottery, meal, drink, performance, photograph, poem? Well I don't know and I am curious for you to show me!
I will be creating my BRC — Multiverse 645-60 (yup, I just claimed this number; you can claim yours) in an old suitcase, which for many years served as Burning Man mini traveling interactive educational installation.

I invite you to join me. Take your time! Take good care of yourself and your loved ones. Do what you need to do right now. Help others. Take time to make sense of our new reality. And, when these important things are taken care of, join me in creating a BRC MULTIVERSE of massive proportions!

Burners and Burning Man culture have an outstanding opportunity to show the world that we are much more than just a party in the desert, or at regional events. I get that, I agree and I am glad many of us are proving it right now with our civic projects, amazing creations, inventions,  innovations, and brilliant art keeping people entertained, sane and most importantly, alive. 


This all deserves our energy and resources. At the same time, it does not diminish that even though we understand the importance of our skills and ideas for our families, communities and the world right now, many of us will miss BRC terribly. 

Let's create it, our HOME, now away from HOME, at our HOME.

I will be collecting your creations and sharing them with the world on a website (under construction right now) and on social media. We have time. Let's stay in touch.
We've been told many times that from nothing, we can create everything! Well, thanks Larry, we are going to do that now, once again.

To submit your version of Black Rock City, please send email to participate@brcmultiverse.com.



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